iFLOW MailCat


iFLOW MailCat is an enhancement for Microsoft Outlook ™ which automatically categorizes your incoming and outgoing emails and informs the recipient of the email in the subject line about what kind of reaction you expect from him. This means, the recipient does not have to open the email in order to know what kind of action is expected from him.

Due to the clear labelling of the emails you send, misunderstandings and misinterpretations as well as the resulting work effort can be minimized.

This leads to a higher productivity of your employees, as they can spend the time usually needed for call-backs in order to clarify unclear email text, for their actual tasks.

Thus, you will be able to strengthen the positive image and the position of your company.

Applying the multilingual categorisation of your emails, it will be a pleasure for your clients to read and answer your emails, no matter in which country they are.

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